Is Reiq available for commissions?
  • Currently Reiq is unavailable for commissions as he is quite busy with other projects. However, If you have a big project you want him to be a part of you are welcome to send an inquiry.


Is there a waitlist I can put my name on for when Reiq begins to take commission requests again? 
  • No.

I'd like to interview Reiq for my art class for an assignment.
  • Reiq would like to help you however his busy schedule makes that difficult. Hopefully you can find the answers you're looking for in this FAQ or throughout his Youtube channel. He might be able to answer specific questions but there is no guarantee 

Can I mail Reiq something to have it signed?
  • Most things Reiq produces are sent with a signature already.


What tools does Reiq use to create his work?
  • Digital: Procreate (ipad), Photoshop.
  • Traditional: COPIC brand Markers & Paper, MISTU-BISHI & CARAN d'DACHE graphite pencils PIGMA Micron pens, Chameleon Markers

Is there a hardcover book compilation of Reiq's artwork?
  • Not yet but soon. Join Reiq’s newsletter to stay up to date on it.

What are Reiq’s artistic influences?
  • The influences are ever changing. 

How can I get an Reiq! convention sketch?
  • Visit his table early that day so that you can discuss his availability/rates.

Does Reiq charge for signatures at conventions?
  • No.

Will Reiq do a quick sketch for me?
  • If you find Reiq at a convention he might be able to do it if you purchase enough merchandise. If he is available at the time you can also commission one.