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Q: Will Previous Sketchbooks ever be back in stock? 
A: Currently there are no plans of reprinting older editions. However, there are plans to compile the first 3 Volumes into an updated single edition and possible preorders for single books. 

Q: will there be a hardcover art book compiling Reiq's artwork?
A: A Hardcover full color art-book is in the works, we are aiming for Summer 2023 Release.


Q: New drop! Just placed my order! Where is it?
A: Our estimated time for processing, shipping, and delivery is typically between 1-2 weeks, with some deliveries taking up to 3 weeks. We want to be transparent with you that we often deal with a high volume of orders when a new product drop is launched, which can cause delays. As a small business, our team consists of only two people who work hard to fulfill all orders with care and attention to detail.

Q: I'm missing half of my order, where is the rest?
A: orders containing different types of products like art prints, calendars and stickers will be sent on different packages, as of November 9 2020, All Art Prints and calendar orders will be fulfilled and processed by our outsource specialist printing house while the stickers will be managed in house and well as any Art book releases. 

Q: I have an issue with my order, what can I do?
A: Please contact us directly through the shop website, Do not use the Discord channels to enquire about orders, also read the Shipping policy for more information.

Q: Wrong Address?
A: Please contact us as soon as possible to update your address. There is a 24-hour window to make changes to the address before the order goes into production. Once it goes into production, there is little we can do. Any additional cost for redelivery must be covered by the customer.

Q: Combining orders?
A: it is possible to combine different orders to be sent together, however there will be no shipping refunds on domestic orders (US) as this takes time away from our team searching and combining orders, International orders can be combined and shipping can be refunded.


Q: Is Reiq available for commissions?
A: Currently Reiq is unavailable for private commissions as he is quite busy with other projects. However, If you are an established company with a project developed and you want me to be a part of it, you are welcome to send an inquiry through our contact form, please include a description and a deadline if available. Thanks! 


Q:Is there a waitlist I can put my name on for when Reiq begins to take commission requests again?
A: No.

Q: I'd like to interview Reiq for my art class for an assignment.
A: Reiq would love to help you, however his busy schedule makes that difficult. Hopefully you can find the answers you're looking for in this FAQ or throughout his Youtube channel. He might be able to answer specific questions but there is no guarantee. 

Q: Can I mail Reiq something to have it signed?
A: Starting November 9 2020, All Art Print orders will be fulfilled and processed by our outsource specialist printing house, therefore  art prints will be delivered unsigned. 

Signed prints will be available only on limited releases printed and managed By REIQ.


Q: What tools does Reiq use to create his work?

  • Software: Procreate, Photoshop Clip Studio Paint.
  • Hardware: Wacom Cintiq 27" HDQ, Ipad Pro 12”
  • Traditional: COPIC brand Markers & Paper, MISTU-BISHI & CARAN d'DACHE graphite pencils PIGMA Micron pens, Chameleon Markers.

Q: What are Reiq’s artistic influences?
A:The influences are ever changing, it’s a way for me to find drive and experiment with style and techniques. Artists like Rockin Jelly Bean, MikaPikazo, Shunya Yamashita, Nishigori Atsushi, Lack, Murata Range, Tsukasa Bullet are among those always inspiring my artwork but they are always changing!

Q: Does Reiq charge for signatures at conventions?

A: No.



You can use my art for your profile picture, avatar, or icon, but only if there is some way to clearly credit my work. Please credit the image with “Art by REIQ –” or Social media handles in the description. If there is no way to credit me for the image, please refrain from using it as your profile picture.


Using my artwork as a reference for your own is not a problem. This applies to referencing specific parts of my art as well as ‘style borrowing’ or trying out elements of my digital painting approach. All I ask is for you to link to the image you used as a reference and provide proper credit by linking back to my social media accounts or website.


No need to ask my permission to have my art tattooed on you. Go right ahead! All I ask in return is for you to send me a photo of your tattoo when you have had it done and credit the original art with “Art by REIQ –” or Social media handles.


Using my image as your phone wallpaper, printing out a small version for yourself, or any other small-scale personal use is perfectly fine. Please just don’t sell my art or claim it as your own!


If you have any questions about me or my artwork which are not answered in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to ask. You can do so by filling in the contact form or by sending an e-mail to However, I will not answer questions that have already been answered in this FAQ, so please be sure to read through this page before typing your question! Thank you so much for reading!



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