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⭐️ NEW DROP! New Stickers and Prints! Samus Aran, Chun-Li, Original Designs and More!

We are back at it again! I've done a ton of work this past month inspired by your amazing support. I have put together a new drop featuring your favorites as well as my own original characters designs that I've been wanting to make for a long time. Additionally, I added prints for the most rescuested stickers, hope you like this selection! 

As for prints I'll be making the Samus artwork available as prints in the following days, Chun- li is up already! 

What's NEW!

⭐️ Patreon Only NSFW Stickers:

  • NSFW Samus Aran in Heat Clear Sticker! 

⭐️ New Stickers:

  • Chun Li Thunder Thighs Clear Sticker
  • Samus Metroid Unleashed Clear Sticker
  • Gwenpool! Clear Sticker
  • Samus Aran in Heat Clear Sticker

⭐️ Original Designs (Very limited ) 

  • Star Bomb Vinyl Sticker
  • Latex Queen Clear Sticker
  • Oral Fixation Vinyl Sticker


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