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Friction Vol 2 Reiq Artwork Collection Art book is here!

A new REIQ Art-book is upon us! 

The Highly awaited Friction Vol2 is here! this time 56 pages of full color and high-quality printed illustrations, including an exclusive super-sized sticker!  

3 years have passed since the release of my Friction Vol1, at the time the main idea was to compile some of my rare illustrations from Patreon, commissions, and never printed before material, this time I'm going beyond and I'm retouching and remastering all the pieces on this book, designing full spread pages filled with different styles and themes, included also a fold-out page for the first time and I think you guys will love! 

I’m really proud of how this product came out, a lot of research and exploring was done to reach the central theme of this book, it is definitely a challenge when i'm designing my books, so many ideas are hard to commit to one, but once it comes together is super rewarding. 

This book was launched as an exclusive for Anime Expo 2022 and it will also be sold at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, Expect an early drop by the end of July on Patreon, and a general release in early August, as currently I'm organizing and preparing all the logistics for delivery and packing, it is just around the corner and I'm super excited to deliver this project to you!




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