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New Limited Spicy Sticker Drop is here!

As some of you might know I've been teasing the idea of making more risque stickers on Social media and Patreon based on my Jigglgirls illustrations, currently testing the boundaries of what could be done, depending on the feedback from these drops I'll be creating more limited releases featuring the most popular Jigglygirls artworks!

On this Drop Samus Aran (Metroid) and Felicia vs Ashia Clan Clan (DarkStalkers) The former a limited edition of 100 copies, mostly due to the Pandemic affecting the printers and delivery times of new material as well as a collectible item, the latter a fun crossover of the most popular cat girls in anime and gaming, similar to the Attack on Titan vs Mt Lady Sticker, Im also looking to make more of these crossovers as they are fun to create and draw!  

hope you can all support this and new projects! Grateful to have such a great supportive following! Thank you! 


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