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REIQ Next Steps! Shopify Fulfillment Center?

Dear readers,

It has been 5 months since the new REIQ shop and new website was launched, in a matter of weeks the positive response to new drops was and still is overwhelming, I have felt the growth and motivation to create new designs  accelerate, had to learn a new platform to make the transition to Shopify, it has been hard specially during these time were the pandemic has created a new normal were we all had to adapt. 

When I started selling online my Sketchbooks, Art Print, Stickers and more with the mere objective to give to my long lasting and new supporters a piece of my art. I had to learn from scratch, had barely any guidance in terms of how to ship, process and deliver orders, at the beginning a few years back I started writing all the Addresses by hand, filling multiple forms, hand packed every order, and processes my orders at the post office, tried different kind of shipping products to make sure no product will suffer damage and deliver the best I could.

Back to 2016

It has been fun and rewarding but very time consuming, this last part hasn't change much since In started, Although grateful, to be able to deliver I had to spend days and many hours mindlessly fulfilling orders, on many occasions I've ended up not wanting to draw for days and that is not good for any artist.

During the last two months I’ve been working with Shopify on setting up a fulfillment center to delegate this process, while still on early stages I'm learning a lot about product management, processes and logistics to make sure Im delivering better and more effectively. to date the amount of orders has increased substantially, reaching 5000 k+ orders, I've a lot fo plans for new drops and products!  I’m looking to transition by September or early October !

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